Electrical Services

As we all know, electricity is essential to modern living for residents of Smyrna and the surrounding areas. Of course, it can also be extremely dangerous to work with if you don’t know exactly what you’re doing. At Paschall Heating & Air, we employ electricians who are licensed and certified to handle your home’s electrical system needs properly and safely.

The Dangers of Working with Electricity

Old or improperly grounded wiring should be of great concern to anyone. Such wiring is a potential safety hazard and needs to be treated accordingly. Anyone who has ever been electrocuted knows this all too well and can attest to this danger.


Obviously, another issue to be equally aware of and concerned about is the potential for electrical fires. These safety issues are not only a concern when working with electricity. They can happen to anyone in a building with poor wiring or out-of-date outlets, circuit breakers, or fuses.

Electrical Repair Solutions that Fit Your Budget

Our electricians are trained to find the source of electrical issues without tearing your home apart. Determining where a problem originates can be rather difficult, which is another excellent reason to have the work done by a professional. Once we have found the source of the problem, we will go over your options with you and figure out a solution based on your needs and your budget.


Our methods for electrical repairs are tried and true, so you can rest assured that we’ll take care of every last detail. We perform installations, wiring upgrades, and offer other improvements to help increase your home’s energy efficiency.

Local Electricians You Can Rely On

If you’re looking for professional electrical services from friendly and competent local electricians, you come to the right place. Give Paschall Heating & Air a call and schedule your appointment today.